• CaptainHog2K


    September 17, 2017 by CaptainHog2K

    I already shared this before, but I thought I'd make a reminder. I have created a "spinoff" of sorts to TVSF, but for radio stations this time. Future updates on XR will be seen there.

    Go give it some love;

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  • MXSaniel

    A TV Station Fanon Wiki spin off, let you run a country, and yeah...

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  • MXSaniel

    Market Cap Rise?

    May 9, 2017 by MXSaniel

    With the annoucment of Sinclair buying Tribune, and the FCC relaxing thier rules. Why not bring it local to TVSF?

    On May 15, this rule will be placed. Market cap will be raised to 49.99%, and the UHF discount will be instated. (maybe the UHF discount, still deciding)

    This will all start, on TVSF of course, with Diversity's purchase of Revolution Television on May 16th.

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  • MXSaniel

    Yes, bringing my ideas from FTVS to TVSF (woah MX, no switch-a-rooos).


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