KBAP is a CW affiliate serving Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, and it's surrounding areas. Broadcasting on channel 50, KBAP is owned and operated by Adelphia Communications.

Stand Up & Tell Them Dallas' Great lyrics Edit

Stand Up & Tell Them Dallas' Great is the jingle that Adelphia Communications is using for KBAP. The tune uses the "Turn To News" jingle that Gari Music Group used during the 1980s and 1990s.

Each day's a new day, and Dallas' looking great

We're feeling okay, here in the Lone Star state

No holding back now, on the right track now

Stand Up and tell them that Dallas' great

We do it better, here in the Lone Star state

Working together, making Dallas great

It's time to shout it, no doubt about it

Stand up and them that Dallas' great

You got that spirit, tell that Dallas' great

Come on let's hear it, you're proud of the Lone Star state

The team that's home town, there's no town like our town

You're at the heart of it, CW 50 is a part of it

Stand up & Tell them Dallas' Great!

Programming ScheduleEdit

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5 AM CW 50 Morning News Paid Programming
5:30 AM
6 AM The Morning Exchange
6:30 AM
7 AM One Magnificent Morning The Morning Exchange Sunday
7:30 AM
8 AM
8:30 AM
9 AM The Steve Wilkos Show Religious Programming
9:30 AM
10 AM Maury
10:30 AM
11 AM Dr. Phil
11:30 AM
12 PM The Jerry Springer Show The Adventure Session (A) The Afternoon Session (A)
12:30 PM
1 PM Judge Mathis
1:30 PM
2 PM The People's Court The Adventure Session (B) The Afternoon Session (B)
2:30 PM
3 PM The Robert Irvine Show
3:30 PM
4 PM The Goldbergs Pawn Stars
4:30 PM Modern Family Pawn Stars
5 PM CW 50 News @ 5
5:30 PM
6 PM The Simpsons South Park CW Movie of the Week
6:30 PM King of the Hill
7 PM CW Programming Bob's Burgers
7:30 PM Bob's Burgers
8 PM American Dad Marvel's Agents of S.H.E.L.D.
8:30 PM American Dad
9 PM CW 50 News @ 9
9:30 PM
10 PM The Big Bang Theory Cops Reloaded Heartland
10:30 PM Mom Cops Reloaded
11 PM The Middle The Jerry Springer Show Heartland
11:30 PM The Middle
12 AM The Cleveland Show CW Late Night Movie
12:30 AM Family Guy
1 AM Cheaters
1:30 AM Cheaters
2 AM Paid Programming
2:30 AM
3 AM
3:30 AM
4 AM
4:30 AM