KFAX is a MyTV O&O (Owned and Operated) affiliate serving San Francisco, CA, and the Bay Area, and broadcasts on channel 16.

Programming ScheduleEdit

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5 AM MyTV Bay Area News Daybreak Paid Programming
5:30 AM
6 AM
6:30 AM
7 AM MyTV News American Morning MyTV Fun Machine Paid/Religious Programming
7:30 AM
8 AM
8:30 AM
9 AM People are Talking
9:30 AM
10 AM Lucky Numbers
10:30 AM Millionaire Hot Seat
11 AM The Better Sex
11:30 AM Super Password
12 PM MyTV Bay Area News Midday
12:30 PM
1 PM All My Children MyTV Sports Programming (Varies by Season)
1:30 PM One Life to Live
2 PM EastEnders
2:30 PM Emmerdale
3 PM Passions
3:30 PM Dark Shadows
4 PM Beat the Clock
4:30 PM Super Password
5 PM MyTV Bay Area News Live @ 5
5:30 PM
6 PM MyTV News Tonight
6:30 PM
7 PM That 70s Show The Whole 19 Yards MyTV Programming
7:30 PM The Gong Show
8 PM MyTV Programming
8:30 PM
9 PM
9:30 PM
10 PM MyTV Bay Area News @ 10
10:30 PM
11 PM Love Connection Jail
11:30 PM Celebrity Expose Street Patrol
12 AM The World's Funniest Moments MyTV Late Night Movie
12:30 AM
1 AM Jail
1:30 AM Street Patrol
2 AM Paid Programming
2:30 AM
3 AM
3:30 AM
4 AM
4:30 AM

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