These are the lyrics to KMSU's campaign lyrics.

National Campaigns Edit

Just Watch Us Now! (1990-1992) Edit

There's a new star that's shining!

A difference worth finding!

The magic of seeing something new!

Come see the light on KMSU.

And see how good Montana can really be!

Just Watch Us Now!

Drama, adventure, history, and nature too.

Just Watch Us Now!

TV Worth Watching means our shows reflect on you!

A world made clear every day.

Your eyes will see a whole new way!

When our quality comes through,

We'll show you how!

Just Watch Us Now!

K-M-S-U, we've got a different point of view!

Just Watch Us Now!

Cover your eyes! So make it.

See what we can do!

Come see the light! (Come see the light!)

Come see the light!


Just Watch Us Now!


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