WMYT is the MyNetworkTV station serving New York and it's surrounding areas. It broadcasts on digital UHF and virtual channel 36.

History Edit

On September 1, 2006, this station first signed on as a MyNetworkTV O&O station.

Digital television Edit

WMYT's digital signal is multiplexed.

Channel PSIP Shortname Resolution (Aspect Ratio) Programming
36.1 WMYT-MN 1080i (16:9) MNTV/Main programming
36.2 WMYT-FX 720p (16:9) Simulcast of WNYF
36.3 WMYT-LG 480i (4:3) Light TV

My36 switched to digital from analog on June 12, 2009, with it came 2 new subchannels, one was color bars, but acquired Light TV affiliation in 2016.

TV Stations in the New York City Metropolitan Area
Long Island:

WLGP 23 (PBS)|WLIS 51 (Ind)|WTEL 64 (Telemundo)

Lower Connetticut:

New York City:
WNYC 2 (ABC)|WNBC 3 (NBC)|WQNY 4 (QTV)|WCBS 5 (CBS)|WTCW 7 (CW)|WNYF 9 (Fox)|WPBS 12 (PBS)| WABT-CD 16 (Ind)|WUNM-CD 19 (UniMas)|WEBN 24 (EBN)|WENY 26 (ETV)|WWNY 29 (Ind)|WMYT 36 (MNTV)|WBAI 45 (MyTV)|WUNI 48 (UNI)|WSBN 56 (SBN)|WCHT-LD 62 (Ind)

Pike County, PA:
WSPR-LD 17 (PBS)|WITV-LD 68 (Ind)

Poughskeepie/Surrounding areas:

Upper New Jersey:
WEDN-CD 20 (Ind)|WTNJ 47 (Ind)|WION 52 (ION)|WNJE 57 (PBS)|WDNJ 63 (ETV)|WFME 66 (ETV)

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